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UL94 Flammability Ratings
Heavy Duty Low Profile Base Gain Antennas
Many of Kemtron’s EMC and Environmental products are offered with UL94 flammability ratings. The following chart may prove helpful when deciding the level required. Please note that we can only supply products rated as indicated in the individual data, other ratings are given for convenience.
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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
What is EMC?
The definition of EMC is the measure of equipment’s capability to neither conduct electromagnetic energy nor radiate it. The equipment in turn should not be susceptible to any conducted or radiated emissions from any other source. The two most important characteristics of electromagnetic waves connected with interference are the amplitude and the frequency of the waves.
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Bi-Metallic Corrosion
Because of the number of variables that contribute towards electrolytic or bi-metal corrosion, it is not practical to illustrate all possible situations and therefore the following data should be used for guidance only. If more definitive evidence is required, then we suggest that a test be conducted, employing the materials to be used and analysing the results. As a general rule the less noble metal corrodes leaving the more noble metal intact, for example, if aluminium and silver are in contact in the presence of a suitable electrolyte a current will flow, resulting in severe corrosion of the aluminium.
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Storage and installation of Kemtron gaskets with self adhesive backing
Gaskets should be stored in original packaging at room temperature at 20°C and at relative humidity of 50%.
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