The online web-based electronic circuits Lab at helps the students understand the concepts right from basic electronics up to advanced concepts like trans-linear circuits etc – 24 X 7 – without the need for any download. The wizard for each topic effectively guides the students by introducing the concepts in a simple and organized manner. Students can play with the virtual but real looking devices like Oscilloscope, function generator etc. and get familiarized with all the devices before going to the real lab. Concepts learnt can be reinforced by creating designs and building real life applications. The entire learning suite can be aligned to the course curriculum and enables students to score more in their exams. With superior problem solving skills they have an edge over their peers and are more industry ready. Sparsha works with top publishers, online and distance learning providers, colleges and technical institutes for higher education. Try the product online at

Salient Features


  • 200+ experiments/labs covered
  • More than 50 applications
  • Pre-designed circuits available
  • Customizable course content as per curriculum


  • Circuit simulation and modeling
  • Equations, plots and graphs
  • Multiple domain analysis including advanced sweep analysis


  • Virtual devices like oscilloscope, function generator, dc source etc
  • Real component modeling
  • Circuit debugging features
  • Power analysis and ratings

Course Management

  • Auto lab report generation
  • Easy integration with LMS
  • In-built assessments and analytics