The Computer Programming platform at brings a “learning by doing” platform for programming. Programming cannot be learnt by reading books or watching video lectures. It can be learnt best by actually Programming. What is desirable if there is guided learning involved which helps a student spot their mistakes – functional and syntactical and helps overcome them. does just that.

In addition to this, it allows teachers to create subjective tests for internal assessments in their courses by either choosing predefined questions or allowing them to create new ones. It then allows teacher to share the test with students, and allows students to perform the tests securely from their home/hostel/lab or classroom. It will then automatically evaluate student performance and provide feedback to students on their solutions. Post evaluation it provides class performance results to Teacher. Currently various programming languages such as C/C++/JAVA/Perl/Python/TCL are supported.

Sparsha also offers pre-canned course material on this platform for the above mentioned courses which can also be used as a refresher course in programming.

Salient Features

Benefits to Teachers

  • Perform internal assessments automatically and free up time to do more research and reading
  • Provide a more controlled assessment process
  • Do more tests

Benefits to Student

  • Get immediate and constructive feedback on your programming assignments
  • Improve programming skills and score better in final exams
  • Review performance results to identify weak and strong areas


  • Create programming tests automatically
  • Deliver on a browser
  • Automatic Evaluation
  • Automatic Grading
  • Detailed Reports


  • Sub and Sub topic report for an assignment
  • Cumulative report including previous assignments
  • Class distribution