Slotted Sections with Probe Carriage

Our range of products include Slotted Sections with Probe Carriage such as Coaxial Slotted Section and Slotted Waveguide.

Coaxial Slotted Section
Model 6051 Coaxial Slotted Line consists of Two parallel planes-strips and a central conductor With N (M) connector on one end and N (F) Connector on the other end. It is designed to have Low residual VSWR. The probe carriage with vernier-scale is provided with coaxial slotted line.

Frequency Range

Residual VSWR


2.0-18.0 GHz

1.02 (upto 10.0 Ghz)

1.03 (10-18 GHz)


Slotted Waveguide
For more details & specification please download the PDF.