Offering you a complete choice of products which include Stands such as Waveguide Tripod, Waveguide Turn Table and Waveguide Adjustable.

Waveguide Tripod
Model 5145 Tripod Stands are made to hold the antenna.

This is useful for plotting,the polar pattern of antenna.

It consists of a triangular steel base with leveling screws, on which three legs are connected to a block. A 0-360° round scale is provided to read the rotation of antenna. The height of antenna is adjustable from 1 1 0 to 1 50 cms.

These are available for S, C, J, X, Ku, K and R-bands.

Waveguide Turn Table
Mechanical Turn Table Model 851 consists of M.S.Round plate supported by four adjustable screws. On top of this plate one fixed arm and another rotatable arm with 0-360° angular-marked dial is fitted. Rotatable arm has three extendable rods with a trolley which has two stands to hold the receiving antenna and detector. Fixed arm also has two stands to hold the transmitting antenna with source. This turn table can be used to plot the radiation pattern of antenna.

Please note that Microwave Source, Detector-Mount, VSWR Meter, Isolator, Frequency Meter should be ordered separately.

Waveguide Adjustable
For More Details & Specification Please download the pdf.