VSWR Meters

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Solid State VSWR Deluxe Meter
Model VS-41 1 DX is the deluxe model of VSWR Meter model: VS-41 1 with additional features of Input Selector 'Crystal1: Low & high, and Bolometer: low & high. It has a provision for output, which may be recorded.


Input power supply

220 VAC, ± 10%, 50 Hz

Input Connector


Amplifier type

High gain tuned at 1000 Hz

Input Frequency

1 000 Hz ± 2%

Band width (3db)

50 Hz

Input selector

Xtal High (200KO) impedance Xtal Low (200O) impedance Bolo 200fl, 4.5 mA Bias Bob 200O, 8.7 mA Bias


< 1 jjV for full scale deflection at Xtal low/ Bolo Position.


Over 70 db (60 db in 10 db steps, 10 db through coarse adjustment, 2 db through fine adjustment)


± 0.2 db per 10 db step.

Meter scales

SWR 1-4, SWR 3-10 Expanded SWR 1-1.3 db 0-10 Expanded db 0-2


Normal / Expanded

Gain control

Coarse adjustment 10 db minimum Fine adjustment 2 db minimum

Recorder output

Through BNC (F) connector

Recorder output level

IV for full scale deflection of meter

Mechanical dimensions

26(L) X 13 (H) X 20.4 (D) cms


2.7 Kg.

Standard Accessories

i) Mains Cable (1 No.)

ii) Coax. Cable BNC-BNC (1 No.)

iii) Spare Fuses (2 Nos.)

iv) Instruction Manual (1 No.)

Solid State Type
Model VS-411 is a calibrated high gain amplifier tuned at one frequency to be used for measurement of VSWR, impedance and relative power levels. The meter indicates the signal level in proportion to the input, which is calibrated directly in VSWR and db.

Input Selector Switch is provided for NORMAL and EXPAND range.


Amplifier type

High gain tuned at one frequency.


1000 Hz ± 2%.


0.1 microvolt at 200 ohms for full scale.


25-30 Hz.


Less than 0.02 microvolt.


70 db min. in 10 db steps.


± 0.15 db on one range.


1% of full scale.


Normal, Expand.


'Coarse' & 'Fine'.


BNC (F), 200 ohms impedance

Mains Power

230 V, 50 Hz

Standard Accessories

i) Instruction Manual (1 No.)

ii) Mains Cord (1 No.)

iii) Coax, cable BNC to BNC (1 No.)

iv) Spare Fuse (2 Nos.)